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Bridging the leadership gap.

Aligning the talent we gather with the value you aim to create.

Gaps in your leadership team can derail, growth, productivity, and value creation. We provide executive and professional talent as well as consulting services tailored to fit your needs. With E78 Partners, good help is NOT so hard to find.

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Connect Talent to Value

Quickly get the right talent in the key leadership roles to start bending the curve up and to the right.

Great financial leadership is hard to find – especially in a PE-backed environment facing time-to-value pressure. In any instance, a CFO gap can cause a serious gap in productivity – if not derail strategic goals altogether.

With roots in private equity, We understands what it takes to place transformational leaders – especially those who are temporary. We know interim leaders can make a lasting contribution to your organization.

You need the exact right fit: A CFO with the demonstrated experience to deliver value in a timely manner. You also need your financial function up-and-running while you take precious time to fill that critical CFO role.

We help both private equity-backed middle-market companies and enterprise clients source demonstrated transformational leaders – with proven ability to drive organizational growth and accelerate value creation.

At times, complex business challenges require distinct expertise and skills for effective resolution.

If such skillsets are unavailable within your organization, it’s prudent to enlist the help of a specialist. A seasoned interim executive can swiftly dive in, contribute significantly, and guide the organization. This creates a lasting, meaningful impact on your outcomes, even though their tenure may be temporary.

C-suite executives go beyond their titles; they inspire teams to attain business objectives, personify company values, and confidently handle any circumstances, no matter the complexity.

Undoubtedly, your organization’s success relies on the potency of your leadership team.

E78 Partners’ specialist executive recruiters are trusted by numerous top organizations to source senior-level executives across the full C-suite, including CEOs, CFOs, CCOs, COOs, and more. We deliver seasoned, high-caliber leaders capable of making an immediate impact and producing long-lasting benefits for your business.

Leveraging our extensive practice areas, we can also help assemble highly experienced professionals to support your new executive talent and build a robust team around them to accelerate time to value.

One of our portfolio companies needed a seasoned interim CFO while we conducted a search for a permanent hire. E78 Partners exceeded our expectations and provided us with a professional, hard-working, and thorough executive who did a tremendous job. Our entire investment team was very impressed with E78’s process.

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Why E78 Partners:

We focus on relationships.

We place great importance on cultivating strong relationships with clients and candidates. We believe that by understanding each client’s unique business needs, culture, and goals, we can better tailor our services to provide the most effective solutions.​ By developing personal connections with executives, we gain insights into their strengths, leadership styles, and aspirations, enabling us to align them with suitable opportunities that match both the client’s and candidate’s expectations. This approach ensures a successful and long-lasting partnership between the client and the executive.​

Our focus on relationships extends beyond initial placements, as we maintain regular communication with both clients and candidates, offering ongoing support, counsel, and resources to ensure continuous success and growth of organizations. This relationship-driven approach is essential to our ability to provide exceptional executive services and empower businesses for years to come.​

SME-suite on-demand.

We maintain an extensive network of experienced, interim C-suite professionals ready for engagement. These proven leaders offer invaluable insights and skills to steer your organization through pivotal decision-making processes and promote strong growth. By leveraging our vast network and cultivating an environment that nurtures and supports their expertise, your company will be optimally positioned to seize investment opportunities, enhance operations, and confidently navigate the intricate private equity landscape.

Focus on value creation.

Our approach to connecting talent to value is embodied in our ability to provide exceptional leaders who accelerate value creation across various business dimensions. By aligning their skills and experience with your company’s strategic objectives, we ensure enhanced operational efficiency, fostered competitive advantage, and sustained long-term growth. Our core focus remains on building strong relationships and identifying the optimal fit between talent and opportunities, thus creating a positive impact on your organization’s performance and value.

We execute a repeatable, flexible process to assess gaps and fill them.

1. Discovery

Achieving talent to value is a matter of producing a strong match between the talents we assemble and the value your company is trying to create. To that end, we conduct a comprehensive discovery to first understand strategic priorities and objectives for the critical role(s) you need to fill.

2. Design & Execute

For each critical role on a CEO’s or private equity sponsor’s list, a distinct set of three to five pivotal outcomes is required to be achieved by the person in that role in order to fulfill the expected value.
Our approach commences with a clear focus on the end goal: the value derived from the role. Rather than assessing the “time to fill the role,” it is essential to gauge the expected value from the role and the actual value to be delivered by the individual occupying it.

3. Deliver Results

After attaining alignment with our clients, we utilize our extensive network of professionals and C-suite executives to bridge the gap and deliver the desired results.

Featured experts on our team.

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