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Design strategic initiatives and execute operational objectives to drive improved results.

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Private Equity
Private Equity

Unlock profitability by improving operational effectiveness and optimizing costs.

The success of a company is intrinsically linked to its employees. We deliver all-encompassing, well-planned communication and change management solutions to foster people and performance improvement. By supporting organizations across all tiers – from individuals and teams to private equity sponsors – we contribute to their overall growth and achievements.

E78 Partners’ private equity background and expertise, means we operate with an IRR state of mind. We keep our eyes on the long-term performance prize, identifying key areas of improvement to drive EBITDA growth and value creation over time. But we also operate with a sense of urgency and short-term focus

Empowering rapid and Enduring Organizational Change.

We guide corporate executives and private equity sponsors in achieving impactful transformations, enabling companies to attain sustainable growth and long-lasting value.​

Every growing firm needs a plan – a strategic roadmap – to sync and prioritize investments across operational initiatives, partnerships, and acquisitions. Roadmaps should also identify business model dependencies that could impact execution and results.

With E78 Partners’ strategic roadmap businesses have a blueprint with actionable, measurable steps to get to expected results.

For growth companies, savvy marketing and sales strategies play a significant role in securing category leadership – from strengthening brand presence to harnessing the full potential of current omnichannel opportunities.

E78 Partners’ expert team helps build capabilities across marketing and sales. from branding, digital marketing, pricing and analytics – to customer experience and sales channel management.

The foundation of tangible business results and value creation lies in the effective capture and dissemination of human knowledge across an organization.

As your success depends on the quality and commitment of your workforce, it is essential to acknowledge that technological advancements and innovation have been steadily eroding conventional models. This underscores the importance of investing in workforce development to maintain a competitive edge and drive sustainable growth.

E78 Partners is committed to transforming the way companies tackle cost reduction.

By utilizing our advanced, tech-enabled cost management and contract compliance platform, alongside our subject matter expertise across various spend categories, we drive profitability and enhance efficiencies for businesses.

Our approach is straightforward: we gather data and monetize it. We use this information to identify cost reduction opportunities in the form of optimizations, disputes, and ongoing audit services. Having delivered over $10B in savings to our clients, E78 caters to mid-market and enterprise clientele, serving the offices of the CFO, CIO, and private equity sponsors across a wide range of sectors.

When unexpected events or market conditions cause business disruption, acting quickly to stabilize and preserve value is crucial.

As a trusted advisor with decades of experience in operational improvement and turnarounds, E78 Partners works alongside sponsors and corporate leaders as a trusted advisor. We help identify root-cause issues and create an outcome-oriented strategic roadmap to help the company turn around.

E78 Partners experience, assistance, guidance, scheduling enabled our team to stay on task and was exactly what we needed in a consultant. The E78 team guided us before, during and after the acquisition and their experience showed, which enabled our acquisition work to be efficient and stay on schedule.

Why E78 Partners:

Expertise for improved performance and lasting growth.

E78 Partners is prepared to equip you with subject matter expertise, data-driven insights, and practical, quantifiable recommendations for boosting performance and setting your business on a trajectory toward long-lasting growth. Our comprehensive approach integrates a range of specialized skills and experience, addressing challenges across business units and functions, and driving continuous improvement in operational efficiency. Partner with E78 Partners to unlock your business’s potential and achieve a prosperous and sustainable future.

Empowering and inspiring talent across your organization.

We aim for bold ambition that goes beyond mere performance improvement, tapping into an organization’s full potential for transformation. By engaging and energizing people across all facets of the business, we inspire the organization’s talent not just to adopt new perspectives but also to act upon them. This cultivates a dynamic and cooperative environment, propelling meaningful change throughout the organization.

We operate with a sense of urgency and prioritize outcome-driven strategies.

We rapidly evaluate impacts and execute, ensuring people, processes, and systems work in unison. We share our clients’ goals for lasting change and embark on ambitious initiatives to enhance enterprise value. Our dedication to results promotes a cohesive and efficient environment for sustained growth.

Featured experts on our team.

Lisa Clarke
EMD, Head of Business Tranformation
Paul Budak
Managing Director, Operational Advisory
John Cataldo
EMD, Head of Technology Solutions
Scott Marrone
Sr. Managing Director, Technology Solutions

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