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Stage Two of the Employee Lifecycle Model series is Recruitment. As a reminder, the Employee Lifecycle Model is an organizational method used to visualize how an employee engages with the company they are a part of. There are six stages involved in this model: Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention, and Separation

One of the best ways to engage your employees is to make sure you hire game changers in the first place. Your recruitment plan should represent the brand you’ve adopted and marketed in the attraction stage. The best types of plans offer an optimal candidate experience, support collaborative hiring centered around clear criteria and processes, and provide meaningful data that can be used to improve hiring results over time. They also:

  • Involve your employees
    For example, internal referral programs can motivate your current team to bring in game changers in the industry into the fold. Employees can also collaborate on job descriptions, role requirements and even interview or vet applicants.
  • Utilize a variety of recruitment platforms
    Vary your approach to create a robust candidate pool. Use industry meetups, conferences and social media to reach both passive and active candidates.
  • Clearly understand who and what you’re looking for
    Yes, you’ll need to consider the job description and the skills/competencies necessary for the position. But, finding someone who fits the company culture and exhibits game changer traits is arguably more important.
  • Consider an outside recruiting firm
    It goes without saying, but recruiting firms like E78 are THE experts in sourcing and placing qualified candidates. They spend 100% of their time recruiting – let them do the work for you!

If keeping this in-house, your process must be a well-oiled machine. An efficient, timely, and successful recruiting process consistently engages applicants and creates a positive connection to the company (whether they are ultimately hired or not). An extended process or one that encounters a lot of delays can result in losing strong candidates and damaging your reputation. Keep in mind the following:

  • Embrace the concept that the interview is a process of mutual discovery, not a one-sided analysis.
  • Always start with the end goal in mind and map out the timeline to achieve it. Be realistic about the time needed to conduct a successful search.
  • Determine the critical players needed to participate in the interviewing process. Decide the interview sequence and determine who is covering what topics.
  • Prepare, in advance, for each interview (set time aside on your calendar to do so) and assure that all members of the interview team do the same.
  • If you’re using screening assessments, clearly communicate this process to candidates.
  • Always use professional courtesy and candor with candidates who are not a good fit. Remember, candidates not selected are still “candidates” and can even source future hires or serve as future referrals.
  • Communication can make or break this stage. Follow up with everyone, every time.

Employee engagement plays a significant role in driving success and must be a priority in any organization. By maximizing engagement at the pre-employment stages, you will maximize your talent pool and ensure you see the highest quality game changing candidates (and therefore, game changing employees).

Need help implementing a winning strategy?  This is where E78 can be a game changer for you.  We are here to evaluate your needs and help you design a stellar approach to managing your Recruitment stage of the Employee Lifecycle.

E78 works with you to define what success looks like for your business and turns that into a compelling story to attract game-changing talent. We create a consistent measurement / evaluation framework for assessing candidates and aligning your stakeholders. THIS is the kind of support and guidance you need to identify and land game changers and fully take advantage of the Employee Lifecycle Model.

E78 Partners is your trusted resource for interim, project and direct-hire game changers that maximize the capabilities and capacity of your accounting and finance department through challenges and change.


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