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  • Harris Theater 205 E Randolph St., Chicago, IL
  • October 24, 2023
  • All Day
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Invest for Kids

Harris Theater, Chicago, IL

All Day
October 24, 2023


Attending / Sponsoring

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Invest For Kids hosts an annual investment conference where top investment managers share their market views and best investable ideas. All of the proceeds from the conference go to nonprofit organizations serving Chicago area youth from disadvantaged communities. Since 2009, Invest for Kids has donated more than $20 Million to over 70 high performing organizations. E78 Partners is proud to be a sponsor and donor for this event.

Chicago’s Investment Event of the Year

  • The Invest For Kids conference features presentations from well-known investment managers who present their market views and best investment ideas in concise 15 minute segments.
  • The conference also features fireside chats with investment legends who share their perspectives on macro-economic, political, and investment themes.
  • The co-founders underwrite 100% of the conference expenses so that all of the proceeds from the event are awarded to non-profit organizations serving Chicago area youth.
  • Our Advisory Committee plays an active role in planning the conference and provides significant financial support to IFK.

If you are planning to attend, be sure to connect with our team members!  And if you still need to register for the Invest for Kids Event you can do that here, at their registration page link.


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