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We get it – everyone loves a shiny tool or SaaS product to solve their woes, but that’s how we get statistics like the State of SaaS Sprawl reporting that less than 45% of company SaaS applications are regularly used by employees if at all.

  1. ChatGPT: Tired of hearing about AI yet? While brand-new to many of us, ChatGPT has had a meteoric rise as a preferred tool in the quiver of many business professionals, and consultants notwithstanding. While its capabilities are still in development, ChatGPT is phenomenal for aggregating and summarizing mass amounts of data. Need help synthesizing a summary from a lengthy report? This AI model might be your best friend, just make sure not to use it verbatim – or else
  2. PowerPoint: Stating the obvious? Powerpoint has been a mainstay since its launch in 1987, and while its purpose has stayed the same, there has been constant evolutions and add-ons made to make your life easier, a favorite tool of ours to add to Powerpoint is Beautiful.AI.
    • Among the 70% that don’t use Microsoft Anymore? Check out Canva another favorite of ours.
  3. Excel: While some companies hang onto the glory days of Lotus 1-2-3 – Excel has emerged as the backbone of the world’s financial systems, and while making millions of rows digestible in SQL might be easy, making it understandable for most people is difficult. We rely on add-ins like Macabus to take the power of Excel and integrate it conveniently with PowerPoint.
  4. Tableau & PowerBI: There are a lot of camps when it comes to data-visualization tools and the use for each is dependent on your specific needs and the resources available to you. New to Data Analytics, PowerBI is often seen as a cheap and user-friendly option for many. Other’s rely on Tableau for its superior visualization capabilities and increased scale.
  5. Bloomberg: There are many master data providers that source real-time data, news, and analytics, and at nearly $25K per seat to use Bloomberg, they’re certainly welcome. Its place however is warranted (if you have the cash) as it comes with unparalleled coverage and industry-leading tools to tackle their proprietary and third-party data streams found nowhere else.

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