Webinar: Strategic Annual Budgeting – From Big Picture Goals to Actionable Plans


Jake Lunney

Managing Director, FP&A Tech Services

Jake Lunney

Managing Director, FP&A Tech Services
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Recently, we hosted an insightful webinar on strategic annual budgeting, where we discussed the importance of starting the budgeting process with a high-level offsite meeting to reassess long-term strategic and financial goals. This impactful webinar provided practical guidance on converting broad objectives into short-term tactical action plans, backed by measurable KPIs.

One of the key points discussed during the webinar was the concept of zero-based budgeting, which enables businesses to translate the outputs of strategy offsite meetings into cohesive departmental budgets. Additionally, we explored when to leverage Excel or automated platforms, such as Workday Adaptive, in building the budget based on your company’s development stage.

Attendees of this webinar gained valuable insights and practical tools, including:

  • A strategic framework for facilitating the offsite planning meeting
  • A template for crafting a strategic charter, acting as the output from the strategy offsite
  • A decision tree to guide your choice between using Excel or investing in an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform
  • A budgeting calendar template, offering a valuable resource to streamline the planning process

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of how to approach annual budgeting with confidence and create actionable plans that align with their company’s long-term objectives. If you missed the chance to join us, below is a recording of the webinar.

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Jake Lunney
Managing Director, FP&A Tech Services
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