Podcast: Common Operational Challenges for DSOs


Duff Bourassa

Managing Director DSO-MSO Growth

Duff Bourassa

Managing Director DSO-MSO Growth
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Becker's Healthcare - Dental & DSO Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Duff Bourassa, managing director of DSO-MSO growth at E78 Partners, to discuss the impact on business operations for DSOs from widespread consolidation and changes in patient expectations, common operational challenges that hinder dental organizations’ financial performance, and more.

In this podcast transcription, Duff discusses the evolution of the dental industry, especially within Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). He highlights several key points, including:

  1. Transformation in Dentistry: He discusses how technology has driven significant changes in dental operations. Patients now prefer remote interactions for appointments, form submissions, payments, and accessing records. He also mentions the rise of “emotional dentistry,” where technology allows patients to visualize the results of dental procedures, increasing case acceptance rates.
  2. Financial Operations: He highlights the shift to cloud-based financial management, enabling greater scalability and remote management of multiple dental offices. He emphasizes the need for DSOs to standardize financial operations for efficient reporting.
  3. HR Challenges: Post-COVID, dental practices have faced challenges retaining staff, especially in the field of hygiene. Building a positive workplace culture and staff retention strategies are essential.
  4. Common Operational Challenges: He identifies integration, revenue cycle management (RCM), and the use of practice management software (PMS) as common operational challenges. He emphasizes the importance of integrating acquired practices effectively, streamlining RCM processes, and using standardized PMS practices for accurate data and reporting.
  5. Success Story: He talks about the work E78 Partners did with US Endo Partners, where E78 helped the organization grow from one location to over 400 by providing back-office support, technology solutions, and HR management.


Listen to the full podcast above and download the US Endo Partners case study below.


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Duff Bourassa
Managing Director DSO-MSO Growth
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