Case Study

Implementing Operational Efficiencies To Help Small Staff Launch A Bold New Certification Process For Specialty Physicians



Client profile

A small yet highly respected medical organization was tasked with quickly implementing an extensive new certification process for geneticists. The Maintenance of Certification (MOC), obligating the specialty physicians to participate on a regular basis in education and training, represented a stark departure from the previous once-every-7-to-10-year board certification requirements. The time and resource-strapped staff needed back office operational and planning support to tackle this sweeping new initiative.

Implementing a seamless certification process for a physicians group required sweeping changes in process in order for this initiative to be a success.

Handling the new MOC program would significantly increase the tracking and report load on the already overtaxed staff, who had no time to move forward with an actionable plan. The E78 team had to move quickly to:

  1. Identify short and long-term solutions to streamline existing operations.
  2. Recommend solutions for a more robust IT infrastructure.
  3. Clarify business requirements and project scope.

The Solution

In partnership with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the E78 team was able to work with the client to improve internal processes and get the new certification planning and development roadmap back on track for an on-time launch. The steps toward success included:

  • Conducted a thorough assessment focused on processes, resource allocation and implementation approaches
  • Identified short- and long-term solutions to streamline current operations
  • Created a list of immediate action items the client could use to handle current operational challenges
  • Documented high level technical requirements for use in a future RFP to meet long-term IT infrastructure needs
  • Clarified business requirements and project scope
  • Outlined a specific timeline with cost and resource requirements


This resulted in a 20% increase in revenue and 4 new product offerings. 

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