Case Study

Oil Field Scheduling for Risk Mitigation



Client Situation

A controlling oil company in a rich oil field had approximately 5,000 workers at various processing facilities at any given time. The work being performed by any of those individuals could have a destructive impact on other work happening in the area (e.g. one crew venting gas in the same area as another crew working with open flame could cause an explosion). The oil company needed a way to monitor all work in progress – and where it was occurring – in order to mitigate risk and avoid a catastrophic event. The oil company was also looking for ways to maximize productivity and efficiency, which was compromised when incompatible work could not be performed, and crews were turned away from the job site.


An IT Project Manager, now a E78 team member, met with executives of the oil company and the processing facilities, as well as various work groups to fully understand the work that was being performed. The Project Manager proposed and was given approval to implement Microsoft Project Server to define the individual work group schedules and aggregate them to allow location-based schedule review across all work groups. 


There were 3,500+ end users building and updating schedules of work to be performed at 17 processing facilities. Many of those individuals were among the approximately 5,000 workers performing the jobs. The individual work groups were able to schedule their teams’ work more efficiently, while leadership at processing facilities were able to mitigate risk between simultaneous operations and reduce production impacts.

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