Webinar: Strategic Annual Budgeting – From Big Picture Goals to Actionable Plans

Recently, we hosted an insightful webinar on strategic annual budgeting, where we discussed the importance of starting the budgeting process with a high-level offsite meeting to reassess long-term strategic and financial goals. This impactful webinar provided practical guidance on converting broad objectives into short-term tactical action plans, backed by measurable KPIs.

Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to upgrade your technology.

As legacy solution companies make plans to sunset their on-premise applications, the owners of enterprise performance management (EPM) systems face a tough decision: migrate to their vendor’s new cloud-based EPM solution or find a proven alternative. Not surprisingly, legacy vendors are pressuring customers to upgrade to their respective cloud platforms. Problem is, this old-model-in-a-new-world approach […]

A List of Tactics for Uncertain Economic Conditions

Uncertainty can take a variety of different forms. That’s why it’s imperative for business leaders to have plans in place in the event of an economic downturn—and what comes after. The global economy is back in the headlines with warnings of a potential downturn. Recently, The World Bank lowered its global growth forecast for 2022, raising […]


“Join us for the Actionable M&A Integration Practices to Accelerate Deal Value
June 20th at 2pm EST / 11am PST