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E78 Staff

E78 Staff

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Vital Farms, a provider of ethically produced pasture-raised eggs and butter, partnered with E78 Partners to revamp their Enterprise Data Management – Streamlining the process of extracting and organizing the data they rely on every day to build scalable and real-time insights for years to come.

The Challenge

Managing the data from 200+ pastures home to 2.5 million hens is not an easy task, and distilling that into real-time insights can be next to impossible without a cohesive process to orchestrate the data, a task more than 70% of financial executives have regularly failed. To do so Vital Farms, leveraged our ongoing Technology support to manage, update, and modify their existing Azure Data Management to inform their FP&A teams with streamlined insight, ensuring clear and well-defined data and process flow.

The Objectives

Leverage existing data systems to populate newly created business intelligence dashboards and scorecards with accurate and precise data that scales as they grow.

The Solution

Our FP&A Technology Consultants worked with the Vital Farm’s team to establish a plan to overhaul existing technology and data flow.

In order to successfully complete any project we work alongside our partners to ensure well-defined requirements and objective goals for our team to steward into reality. This served as a foundation for everything moving forward, ensuring that all necessary information is collected and that project will be completed efficiently.

Once the data and process flow requirements were established, our data engineering teams redeveloped native integrations with NetSuite and Anaplan to support the FP&A Teams insights and planning. We then enhanced these systems with a bespoke data model to accurately and precisely update necessary sales, finance, and planning data for real-time insights that scale for the future.

The Results

Farm-to-table insights that are as fresh as the eggs they sell, delivered in just seven weeks.


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