Navigating Accounting and Finance Staffing Shortages in Private Equity Backed Portfolio Companies


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The landscape of private equity is no stranger to turbulence, with market dynamics and economic shifts often dictating its course. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 added unprecedented complexities to this environment, disrupting operations, altering investment strategies, and affecting staffing across industries. As economies gradually recover, labor shortages have emerged as a significant challenge, profoundly impacting private equity backed portfolio companies. In this article, we delve into the accounting and finance staffing challenges faced by private equity firms, explore the implications for the market, and examine how E78 Partners is positioned to offer effective solutions. 

The Echoes of Labor Shortages 

The American economy, once in the grip of a pandemic-induced slumber, began stirring to life in the latter half of 2021. However, a labor shortage gripped the nation, and its impact extended far beyond just the service sector. The private equity industry, often considered a pinnacle of strategic investment, wasn’t immune to this trend. Staffing and talent shortages became pressing issues for both portfolio companies and their fund managers. According to a report by BDO, almost half (47%) of portfolio company CFOs expressed concerns about being understaffed in critical roles, while 43% reported a shortage of staff across their organizations. 

Source: BDO’s 2023 Private Capital Survey

The challenge of staffing shortages within portfolio companies significantly affects their operational efficiency, strategic execution, and ultimately, value creation. The implications are particularly pronounced in senior roles, where the talent crunch poses a formidable obstacle. This has brought into focus the need for innovative strategies to manage these workforce challenges effectively. 

Market Implications and the Quest for Solutions 

The staffing shortages have far-reaching implications for private equity firms, who must ensure that their portfolio companies have the right talent in the right roles to drive growth and deliver on strategic objectives. With the workforce being a key driver of performance, it’s crucial for these firms to address the staffing challenge head-on. 

In a market where competition for skilled professionals is fierce, private equity firms are tasked with devising strategies that not only attract top talent but also retain and develop it. Effective talent management can directly impact a portfolio company’s financial performance, operational excellence, and long-term success. 

E78 Partners: Navigating Challenges, Creating Value 

In the face of these challenges, E78 Partners emerges as a strategic partner for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. With our comprehensive suite of financial solutions, we are well-equipped to provide tailored strategies to address staffing shortages and enhance operational efficiency. 

  • Accounting Managed Services: E78 Partners offers accounting managed services that enable portfolio companies to access top-tier financial expertise without the need for an in-house team. This streamlined approach ensures accurate financial reporting, compliance, and strategic financial management even during staffing challenges. 
  • Consultative & Interim Services: We understand the urgency of the talent crunch. Our consultative and interim services offer experienced professionals who can step into critical roles on a temporary basis. These experts bring strategic insights, operational acumen, and performance-driven approaches to support portfolio companies during transitional periods. 
  • Executive Services: Leadership continuity is vital for portfolio companies. Our executive services provide experienced executives who can seamlessly step into leadership roles, ensuring strategic decision-making and performance stability even amidst staffing changes. 

By partnering with E78 Partners, private equity firms can alleviate the impact of staffing shortages on their portfolio companies. Our expertise and diverse suite of services empower organizations to navigate uncertainties, optimize operations, and drive growth. 

Value Creation with E78 Partners 

In the realm of private equity, staffing shortages have become a formidable challenge, demanding innovative solutions and strategic approaches. The pressing nature of this challenge necessitates a partner who understands the intricacies of the industry and possesses the expertise to navigate through the storm. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is uniquely positioned to address staffing shortages and provide the critical support needed for private equity backed portfolio companies to thrive. As labor dynamics continue to evolve, private equity firms can find a reliable partner in E78 to enhance operational efficiency, drive value creation, and achieve sustained success in an ever-changing market landscape. 

Our impact on addressing staffing challenges is best illustrated through one of our many success stories. In one particular success story, we initially assisted a PE backed portfolio company, amidst their growth through acquisitions, by improving their close process. Through the documentation of the client’s standard operating procedures, we identified opportunities to bring consistency between business units. Utilizing this information, we later worked with senior management to assess their accounting and finance talent, aiming to gain efficiencies and determine a forward-looking staffing strategy. 

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