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Joe Kwasniewski

Managing Director

Joe Kwasniewski

Private Equity Solutions - Managing Director
Joe is a Senior Managing Director of Commercial at E78 Partners. Joe joined E78 through the acquisition of Cadilus Inc., where he was the Chief Commercial Officer and at the forefront of building an innovative go-to-market and sales capability.
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Gain valuable insights that enable private equity firms to make informed decisions.

Our Approach

We work with privately held and institutionally backed companies to align and implement the people, processes, and technology they need to move confidently into the future. Throughout the transaction journey, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service and support. Our team provides regular updates and communication to ensure that our clients are always informed and engaged in the process.




With extensive expertise in private equity acquisitions, our team closely collaborates with clients to deliver customized solutions aligned with their unique needs and objectives.




We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire transaction process, from initial deal evaluation and due diligence to negotiating terms and finalizing the transaction.




Technology plays a pivotal role as we collaborate with privately held and institutionally backed companies, to keep our clients informed and engaged throughout the transaction journey.

Advisory Service Offerings

Pre-Close Services

Our pre-close advisory services offer a range of services provided to private equity firms prior to the acquisition of a target company. E78 helps private equity firms identify the most strategically sound investments and optimize the purchase price and terms of the acquisition through negotiating insights. Our pre-close advisory services aim to accelerate the transaction speed to close without compromising thorough planning for Day One, the day after the acquisition is completed. This involves developing a comprehensive plan for the integration of the target company into the private equity firm's portfolio, including the identification of any operational or cultural differences that need to be addressed.

Acquisition Services

We specialize in providing acquisition services to private equity firms, offering comprehensive support throughout the transaction process. Working closely with private equity partners and their portfolio companies, we ensure a smooth and successful journey. As a trusted partner, we engage with sponsors to deliver end-to-end assistance, encompassing deal evaluation, due diligence, negotiations, and finalization. With our team's extensive experience in collaborating with private equity firms and their portfolio companies, we possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during acquisitions. By tailoring solutions to meet specific needs and objectives, we establish a solid foundation for successful outcomes.

Post-Close Services

The first 100 days are critical to both private equity and portfolio firms to maximizing value. We deliver enhanced reporting and improved IT systems and implement best practices. We are highly involved with all parties to deliver an effective operational playbook. Our team will address optimizing accounting operations, design reporting packages and rolling forecasts for stakeholders, build and enhance treasury & cash management controls and optimize governance.

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