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Buy-side and sell-side diligence that provides focus and clarity.

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Joe Kwasniewski

Managing Director

Joe Kwasniewski

Private Equity Solutions - Managing Director
Joe is a Senior Managing Director of Commercial at E78 Partners. Joe joined E78 through the acquisition of Cadilus Inc., where he was the Chief Commercial Officer and at the forefront of building an innovative go-to-market and sales capability.
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Accelerate your due diligence process and mitigate information asymmetry.

Our Approach

Our approach to due diligence is driven by analytics and tailored to fit the unique needs of each client. Our team of experts draws on extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience to help clients evaluate investment targets across all sectors. With a flexible model that can be customized to meet specific needs, we offer a range of potential configurations, from targeted analysis to fully-integrated due diligence.




Our experienced team leverages their extensive proprietary knowledge and industry experience to provide tailored evaluations of investment targets across sectors.




Our process lies in its ability to provide a structured and tailored approach, ensuring thorough analysis, comprehensive evaluation, and informed decision-making for our clients.




Technology enables efficient data analysis, advanced risk assessment, and effective identification of key insights, ultimately enhancing the speed and overall quality of our evaluations.

Due Diligence Service Offerings

In a fast-paced deal environment, clarity and focus are essential for both buy-side and sell-side activities. At E78 Partners, we specialize in providing a laser-focused approach to deal-making, ensuring that every aspect of your transaction is carefully considered and thoroughly evaluated. Whether you’re buying or selling, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with precision and efficiency. Trust us to bring clarity to the chaos of deal-making and guide you through the process with confidence.

Buy-Side Diligence

We understand the importance of thoroughly evaluating every aspect of a major acquisition. Our buy-side Transaction Advisory team is composed of specialists from diverse industry and professional backgrounds, including financial, tax, operations, human resources, information technology, and risk.  

With our objective and comprehensive due diligence, clients can trust that their financial, operational, and strategic assumptions are being evaluated by an experienced third party. Our integrated approach lets us address your needs across the entire transaction process, from identifying cost-effective tax structuring alternatives with your attorneys and other advisors to identifying and mitigating risks.  

Our buy-side due diligence services address complex financial, tax, and post-transaction integration issues while completing transactions efficiently, protecting your interests, and instilling confidence in your investment. Trust E78 Partners to provide you with the objective insight you need to make informed investment decisions.

Sell-Side Preparedness

Our sell-side transaction execution services ensure you maximize value and likelihood to close by presenting your financials in the best way, then navigating the complicated process of multiple parties and preparing you for rigorous financial and contract diligence. 

We understand that preparing a business for sale or planning a carve-out can be a complex and stressful process. That's why we offer sell-side due diligence services that help you paint the best possible picture of your business to prospective buyers or investors. Our experienced team takes a broad-based approach to due diligence, including a review of financial, operational, tax, technology, and cybersecurity risk factors that could impact the value of a deal. We dig deep, getting in front of potential issues and ensuring that the investment thesis is well supported even before a potential buyer has been identified. We help you be transparent and proactive. 

Our sell-side due diligence process is designed to create value from start to finish. By conducting a thorough and thoughtfully executed operational due diligence, we can reduce risk, accelerate the transaction, and maximize your sale price. Our multi-phase evaluation process delivers specific recommendations to address gaps and quantify potential upside, resulting in increased enterprise value. We believe that conducting sell-side operational due diligence is a proven process that can increase the value of your business before going to sale

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Leveraging our expertise and an analytics-driven approach, we expedite assessments, deliver substantive insights, bridge knowledge gaps, and empower clients to make confident, informed investment decisions. 

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