Transaction Execution Services

A team of experts delivering comprehensive solutions for all stages of the transaction lifecycle.

We work with a range of industry-leading firms.

Guiding private equity and institutionally backed companies through the M&A lifecycle to maximize transaction value.

80% of M&A transactions don’t maximize value, or fail outright. Our team provides PE and management teams the critical support needed throughout the transaction lifecycle to overcome the hurdles and obstacles required for the success of the deal.

The merger or acquisition life cycle, if fully respected and developed, can make the difference between a successful transaction that works for all parties involved and lay the groundwork for seamless transition, or if ignored or under-executed can spell disaster.

A seasoned partner at every stage of the transaction.

E78 Partners was founded by former private equity professionals who have completed the transaction lifecycle time and time again. We understand the intricacies and pitfalls inherent in the process.

We help our clients navigate these treacherous waters with confidence, providing both advisory and execution support, and ensuring success at closing and beyond.

Our Transaction Execution Services

Core services

  • Criteria & Planning

    Our teams deploy systems to organize work and time, ensuring tasks are planned appropriately and realistically. Track progress and work effectively and efficiently under tight deadlines with sponsors and management teams from diligence through closing.
  • Pre-sell Readiness

    Our sell-side transaction execution services ensure you maximize value and likelihood to close by presenting your financials in the best way, then navigating the complicated process of multiple parties and preparing you for rigorous financial and contract diligence.
  • Integration Management

    We will deploy our playbook, proven processes templates and tools led by successful M&A experts along with our synergy tracking framework to prioritize KPIs, all supported with the functional expertise to drive a successful deal.
  • Post-close Operations

    The first 100 days are critical to both private equity and portfolio firms to maximizing value. We deliver enhanced reporting and improved IT systems and implement best practices. We are highly involved with all parties to deliver an effective operational playbook. Our team will address optimizing accounting operations, design reporting packages and rolling forecasts for stakeholders, build and enhance treasury & cash management controls and optimize governance.

We bring institutional and subject matter expertise to every engagement.

E78 Partners works with privately held and institutionally backed companies to align and implement the people, processes and technology they need to move confidently into the future.

Our background as private equity professionals and C-level executives across a wide range of industries gives us a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities your firm faces—and the services and solutions that will best address them.

We tailor our services to your unique needs to ensure each engagement we execute brings accelerated value and spurs sustainable growth.

We begin by understanding your needs.

E78 Partners tailors each engagement to suit your firm’s unique needs. Our goal is always to deliver the solution that will move you forward and set the stage for accelerated value creation.

Client successes

E78 Partners provides value-added solutions to our clients before, during and after closing, ensuring greater success throughout the transaction lifecycle and beyond.

“E78 Partners helped us maximize deal value and finalize the deal smoothly and seamlessly so that we could focus on our core business during the M&A process.”

— Seth Robinson, Founder, RTSoft

E78 Partners is your go-to partner for Transaction Execution Services.