Executive Issues & Insights: Planning a Successful Integration


You’ve just acquired another company.  Now what?

Too many executives ask this question too late in the game. They spend all their time and resources on the acquisition and shortchange planning the integration of the acquired company. This can have disastrous effects on the combined company’s reputation, customer relationships and profitability.

In this edition of, Executive Issues & Insights we explore key insights drawn from the extensive C-suite and Board experiences of the E78 Team on how to integrate your acquisition successfully into the combined company.


  • Your objectives and drivers:  Do you understand how they may change post-acquisition?
  • Your integration planning:  Is it taking place alongside acquisition planning?
  • Your schedule:  Are you ready to start integration immediately?
  • Your resources:  Have you dedicated an integration manager to oversee them?
  • Your customers:  Are you nurturing those relationships?
  • Your employees: Are you communicating openly and often with them

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