Executive Issues & Insights:  Strengthening the Finance Function


In this edition of, Executive Issues & Insights we explore key insights drawn from the extensive C-suite and Board experiences of the E78 Team on developing a roadmap to getting your finance organization to its desired state.

What does finance need to deliver now to achieve the company’s strategic goals?

How accurate and trusted are your cash flow forecasts? Does the finance organization engage the leadership team in the annual budgeting process?

Is department and individual performance driven by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Does the finance organization report variances on all KPIs as part of the financial reporting process?

How long does it take to close the books each month?


  • Your ideal finance function: Can you clearly envision what your company needs the finance organization to deliver now?
  • Your execution plan: Do you have leadership backing and the resources to execute it?
  • Your financial planning and analysis processes: Do they deliver trusted forecasts and actionable insight?
  • Your performance measurement methods: Is company performance driven by KPIs?
  • Your accounting and internal controls: Are they well defined, efficient, and trusted?
  • Your gap analysis: Have you prioritized the steps needed to bring your team, processes, and systems up to the ideal?


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