IPO Readiness Assessment


Whether through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), a traditional IPO or even being purchased by a public company, deciding to go public is a big step.  As a public company, you will be held to a higher standard of accountability; it requires more financial discipline, effective planning capabilities, and a clear strategic vision.

What is a Readiness Assessment?

An IPO readiness assessment provides insight and acts as a guide for a successful IPO process. The assessment includes a “readiness” checklist that assists in determining how ready your company is to go public.

An IPO itself can be an enormous burden on your operational, accounting, finance, and IT infrastructure. Being uber prepared will ensure a smooth transition, but having the help you need is also essential. Our team at E78 has actively participated in IPO readiness and reviews. We have supported a wide range of organizations once they’ve gone public.  Our IPO readiness process will help your organization not only have a smooth transition to becoming a public company but will also address ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements. Our experienced, game-changing consultants are ready to help you navigate this process.

To learn more about IPO readiness Assessments and how we can assist, download our whitepaper below.

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