Navigating the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Requirements: A Guide to Overcoming Compliance Challenges


The SEC issued its Final Rule on climate disclosure on March 6, 2024, ushering in a new era of financial and non-financial reporting that emphasizes greater corporate transparency, accountability, and responsibility to climate change. Although the ruling lacks global alignment and full consistency within the US, the evolving regulatory requirements demand that companies stay proactive in their climate disclosure and reporting practices.

This whitepaper is divided into three parts:

1. Disclosure requirements and insights
2. Compliance challenges
3. Proposed solutions for organizations

As regulatory requirements continue to change, businesses must develop robust reporting systems, integrate pertinent climate change information, consistently assess climate-related risk materiality, and adapt their approach accordingly.

Explore our whitepaper to learn more about navigating these new compliance challenges and ensure your company stays well-informed in this emerging regulatory landscape.

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