Executive Issues & Insights: Fixing an Underperforming Company


Your company has a solid basic strategy but is underperforming — why?

Performance issues may be due to problems in manufacturing, sales, operations or all of these areas, but what are the underlying causes, how do you correct them, and which should you attack first?  After defining the root causes, the CEO needs to ensure the proper leadership, skills, and processes are in place to deliver results.

In this edition of, Executive Issues & Insights we explore key insights drawn from the extensive C-suite and Board experiences of E78 Partners teams on how to fix an underperforming company.


  • Your root cause analysis: Have you drilled down to find the sources?
  • Your benchmarking: Have you used appropriate metrics to reveal what’s working and what isn’t?
  • Your leadership: Have you assessed whether you have the right skill sets available?
  • Your financial projection: Have you incorporated new assumptions based on the problem assessment?
  • Your alignment: Are senior leaders aligned with the real needs of the business and reinforcing that throughout the company?
  • Your execution process: Are you holding your team accountable?

If you’re interested in learning more about how E78 can help you fix an underperforming company, download our whitepaper.

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