The Importance of Key Performance Indicators


As a leader in your organization, your responsibilities include paying attention to the details. How do you truly measure performance? How do you KNOW everything is going according to plan, working the way it should be, or the results are accurate?  Are you achieving the outcomes that your team and organization need?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help to answer these questions.  They quantify individual and organizational goals and evaluate performance accordingly.  By tracking relevant KPIs they assist in decision-making, help you set strategic objectives, and allow you to evaluate your business process in real-time. KPIs link organizational vision to individual action.

All businesses will benefit from SMART KPIs.  There are a lot to choose from and some are often needed for specific goals and objectives.  The right KPIs for one organization may not be the best for another.  If your organization is considering designing and monitoring KPIs but are unclear on where to start or which KPIs will be most beneficial, please contact us for more information.

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