How a ‘Non-Control’ Private Equity Sponsor Can Effectively Leverage Consultants  

The Rise of the ‘Non-Control’ PE Fund The traditional private equity model is one in which the fund takes a control ownership position in the firm. However, there are many factors in today’s marketplace – such as competition for deals – that are compelling many private equity funds to invest in companies in a ‘non-control’ […]

The AI Revolution: Transforming CFOs Roles in Middle-Market and Private Equity Backed Firms

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on private equity firms and middle-market companies is multifaceted and gaining momentum. According to Private Equity Wire and ontra’s report, Transformation Track: Private equity’s journey to a tech-powered future, 66% of private equity firms consider AI and machine learning essential tools. However, only 7% have adopted these technologies so […]

Navigating the First 100 Days: A Guide for New Middle Market Private Equity Backed CFOs

The role of a CFO in middle and lower middle market private equity-backed companies is challenging, especially when you may be the first CFO in the company’s history.  For starters, PE investors demand a level of rigor, insightfulness, and timeliness around financial reporting and KPIs at a higher level of sophistication than the organization is […]

E78 Partners Recruiter Insights: Resume Nightmares

Have you ever wondered if your resume is “up to snuff”? We would never say it out loud but…your resume might be a total NIGHTMARE. Let us help you. Whether you believe studies that show that a recruiter spends on average six seconds reviewing an individual resume or that a resume is initially screened for reasons […]

What an Employer Should Know About Counteroffers

Your recruiting process is done, or so you think. Your first-choice candidate has accepted your offer.  You heard the excitement in their voice when you let them know that you want them to join your team. However now, just a few days later, your candidate is receiving a counteroffer from their current employer: at a higher […]

Now’s the Time for Process Improvement

Isn’t any time a good time for process improvement? Well yes, but in today’s market, where maximizing resources and eliminating waste is a necessity, this could be the missing piece of your business strategy.  After all, it was Bill Gates who said, “A rule of thumb is that a lousy process will consume ten times […]

Keys to Differentiating Yourself in the Job Market

In a room of a thousand job seekers, how will you stand out from the crowd? What’s special about your experience? About your skills and your abilities? You know you’re the perfect person for the job, a game changer—and you want them to know that, too. How do you set yourself apart from the rest? […]

Salary Negotiation When Hiring Game Changing Talent

As the economy improves the market for new employees is becoming increasingly competitive.  Finding game changing talent takes time and resources, so not blowing it at the offer stage is crucial.  However, you also don’t want to hire someone in a salary range that’s either unsustainable or unequitable. Making an offer is not about winning, […]

Top Five Factors to Retain Game Changing Talent

As the market and business improves, and with a record number of unfilled job openings, employers are not only competing to hire game changing talent, but they are also fighting to retain those they have.  Now is the time to focus your energies on keeping your top talent by understanding what motivates them and ensuring they […]

Becoming a Game Changing Leader for Your Organization

A person or individual that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking, often by introducing an element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way. We’ve spent a good deal of time studying game changers here at E78. We’ve uncovered the secrets to their success, […]

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