WEBINAR: Tailored Quality of Earnings (QoE)

In our recent webinar, co-hosted by industry experts Dan Stankey and Garrett Rizk, participants learned about the evolution of Quality of Earnings (QoE) and its critical role in M&A transactions. This session provided valuable insights into both buy-side and sell-side QoE analyses, emphasizing their importance in due diligence processes and highlighting the rising trend of […]

Benefits of DSOs and MSOs consolidating technology vendors

For DSOs and MSOs, one area where significant efficiency gains can be realized is in IT operations, specifically through consolidating IT vendors and establishing a common technology stack. This article will explore how DSOs and MSOs can benefit from this strategy.

A 3-Phase Approach to Creating a Single Source of Truth Data Environment for FP&A and Enterprise Analytics

Making informed, data-driven decisions that connect operational choices to financial outcomes is more crucial than ever. A single source of truth data environment is pivotal in enabling FP&A, financial modeling, analytics, and visualization. However, private equity-backed middle-market companies often face common pain points such as disparate systems, poor data governance, and lack of data capture. This article introduces a phased approach to creating a data environment that not only addresses these business needs but also brings significant benefits, providing an in-depth analysis of the steps and components required for success.

How Onshore TEM Support Will Regain Prominence In 2024!

2024 will witness a growing demand for high-touch, fully managed TEM services that offer a high level of KPI attainment and ROI guarantees. While the market has driven down the cost of invoice processing with the use of tech enhancements, the lack of focus on IT cost takeout has negated those budget savings overall. Learn more about the suggested path forward.

Investment Funds: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Firm’s Finance Team vs Hiring In-House

Investment funds often face numerous challenges in their initial stages, particularly operational challenges and building in-house finance teams. Building a competent finance team is a critical aspect of a successful investment firm, but assembling such a team is both time-consuming and expensive. Learn more about the Benefits to outsourcing the finance team and how E78 Partners Finance as a Service can help.


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