Investment Funds: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Firm’s Finance Team vs Hiring In-House

Investment funds often face numerous challenges in their initial stages, particularly operational challenges and building in-house finance teams. Building a competent finance team is a critical aspect of a successful investment firm, but assembling such a team is both time-consuming and expensive. Learn more about the Benefits to outsourcing the finance team and how E78 Partners Finance as a Service can help.

Top Strategies for Middle-Market Private Equity CEOs

CEOs of middle-market private equity sponsored companies face unique challenges when it comes to delivering growth, profitability, and cash flow while managing operations with limited resources. By adopting a CEO-centric approach to FP&A and recognizing its role as a core component of an effective business performance management system, these leaders can better plan strategically, execute with discipline, and improve decision-making for the long-term success of their organizations. Learn more about our top strategies.

Benefits of IT Cost Management for Creating Business Value

Managing information technology transformations is becoming increasingly essential for companies to remain competitive and improve operational efficiency. As a result, mid-sized, private equity backed, and enterprise organizations are adopting cloud solutions at an unprecedented rate. Learn more about the importance of IT cost management and various strategies that can help organizations generate value through cost savings.

How to best prepare for an audit post-acquisition

Audits are an essential part of ensuring that a company’s financial statements are accurate and compliant with accounting standards. We recently wrote about how to prepare for an audit however, in the context of an acquisition, the first audit after the transaction can be particularly challenging, as it often involves additional complexities due to the […]

Navigating M&A Integration Challenges in the Lower to Mid-Market

Integration work is hard and a struggle for companies who lack “corporate” transaction advisory staff and resources to help manage them. For companies doing strategic M&A transactions in the mid and lower markets, integration planning and execution can be a drain on business continuity, and a demoralizing exercise for those involved. The purpose of this […]

How a ‘Non-Control’ Private Equity Sponsor Can Effectively Leverage Consultants  

The Rise of the ‘Non-Control’ PE Fund The traditional private equity model is one in which the fund takes a control ownership position in the firm. However, there are many factors in today’s marketplace – such as competition for deals – that are compelling many private equity funds to invest in companies in a ‘non-control’ […]

The AI Revolution: Transforming CFOs Roles in Middle-Market and Private Equity Backed Firms

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on private equity firms and middle-market companies is multifaceted and gaining momentum. According to Private Equity Wire and ontra’s report, Transformation Track: Private equity’s journey to a tech-powered future, 66% of private equity firms consider AI and machine learning essential tools. However, only 7% have adopted these technologies so […]

Navigating the First 100 Days: A Guide for New Middle Market Private Equity Backed CFOs

The role of a CFO in middle and lower middle market private equity-backed companies is challenging, especially when you may be the first CFO in the company’s history.  For starters, PE investors demand a level of rigor, insightfulness, and timeliness around financial reporting and KPIs at a higher level of sophistication than the organization is […]

Recognizing the Signs: When to Outsource Your Finance & Accounting Services

Often, you find yourself wearing multiple hats – managing cash flow, budgets, compliance, and more. When your team is stretched thin, outsourcing your finance and accounting services can be an effective solution, allowing you to focus on core competencies and achieve long-term growth for your company.   But how can you identify the right moment to […]