E78 Partners saves Korn Ferry $716K Annually in IT spend with our Cost Management Services


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E78 Staff

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Korn Ferry is a publicly traded global organizational consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. They work with their clients to help them hire the right people and consult them on how to structure, reward, and motivate their workforce.

The challenge Korn Ferry was facing was they didn’t have an efficient and automated way to manage and monitor their mobile devices on a global scale. They previously were working with a cost optimization provider however their process was limited to domestic only and inefficient. This led to an increase in expenses and reduced productivity. Korn Ferry needed a partner that could provide more effective cost management solutions and identify additional areas of cost reduction.

E78 Partners began working with Korn Ferry to develop a comprehensive plan manage their international mobility footprint more efficiently. E78’s Cost Management group was able to develop a single pane of glass to gain visibility, control, and cost optimization across Korn Ferry’s fleet.

E78’s success with the mobility management work led to them taking over Korn Ferry’s cloud optimization, which then resulted in reduced cloud costs and overall better governance.

Due to E78’s success internationally, Korn Ferry had the cost management group take over all of their recurring IT cost management =. This included all wireline services, mobility management unified communications and cloud workloads.

E78 Partners was able to optimize Korn Ferry’s cost management processes, reduce expenses, and improve productivity. E78 Partners’ focus on delivering value and expertise in cost optimization helped Korn Ferry achieve significant savings and reallocate resources to other areas of their business. The results were astonishing:

  • $716,520 in annual savings, achieved through a combination of telecom expense reduction and cloud cost optimization.
    • 15% savings in telecom expenses, achieved through E78 Partners’ strategic sourcing services. By negotiating better contracts with vendors, E78 Partners was able to significantly reduce Korn Ferry’s telecom expenses.
    • 16% savings in cloud costs, achieved through E78 Partners’ expertise in cloud monitoring and optimization. By identifying areas of inefficiency and optimizing Korn Ferry’s cloud resources, E78 Partners was able to achieve substantial cost savings.
    • Credits from existing providers , achieved through E78 Partners’ audit process, attention to detail and proactive approach to identifying errors and discrepancies from the work of a previous incumbent.

If you’d like to learn more about how E78 Partners’ Cost Management can help your company with technology expense management, audit services and strategic procurement, and mobility management and wireless expense services, please click here to learn more or contact us.


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