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Clear, strong EVP

Differentiate yourself with a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that showcases your company’s culture.  Consider that what your brand is to potential customers, your EVP is to potential (and actual) employees. This is not a new concept, but one that’s gaining a lot of traction in the war for talent.  A clear EVP ensures that you attract candidates who complement your corporate culture and objectives.  Use your website and social media channels to celebrate your team’s success, inclusion, teamwork, integrity, innovation, and sense of purpose.

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors! Create opportunities for them to share their experiences and views on the organization. Yes, cutting edge innovations typically make the headlines, but it’s the talent behind them that make them truly unique.

Feedback opportunities

Game changing talent strategies must empower employees to share feedback and allow them to see how that feedback inspires action and pushes change. HR software can be used to offer feedback; internal resource groups can provide great sounding boards and even surveys can be useful. Of course, for any of these to work, a culture of trust and transparency, where ALL types of constructive feedback are welcomed and encouraged, must be established, or already exist.

Commitment to transitions

Transitions can be tricky and many companies miss the mark here. Whether we’re talking about people moving up, over or out, or even just transforming their positions, transitions offer specific opportunities to value, understand and respect your employees. Succession plans, internal mobility maps and exit procedures (including retirements) all deserve a place in your talent strategy because each of them requires a different approach.

Straightforward execution

While the strategy itself may be multi-faceted, intricate or even complex, the path to execution should be reasonably simple. Through goals, timelines, feedback loops, etc. ensure you can see how the strategy will be executed, measured, and driven to a successful outcome. 

Buy-in at the highest levels

Commitment at the executive level is crucial in any game changing talent strategy. Execs must be actively engaged in setting and executing the strategy at play. They must also hold their C-Suite accountable for both the big picture and the small details in the quest to identify and develop game changers at every level.

The full puzzle comes together when your overall organizational goals inspire your talent strategy. It’s HOW you’ll get where you want to be – delivering exciting results with real game changers leading the way. And remember, we work to identify and develop these game changing talent strategies every day.   THIS is the kind of support and guidance you need to attract, identify, and land game changers.

At E78, we find Accounting & Finance Game Changers.

E78 is your trusted resource for interim, project and direct-hire game changers that maximize the capabilities and capacity of your accounting and finance department through challenges and change.

Through our consultative approach, founded upon years of practical experience in public accounting, industry and professional services, we are a unique firm dedicated to finding game changers to just get it done! We know what it takes to build the right team to support your organization through challenges and change.


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