The Rigors and Rewards of Growth Through M&A


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Over the past decade, the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) landscape has evolved significantly, driven by changing economic conditions, technological advancements, and evolving strategic objectives of companies. A survey of recent trends indicates a complex but promising M&A environment, with considerable opportunities and challenges.

The Overall M&A Environment

As detailed in Morgan Stanley’s M&A outlook for 2023, the corporate landscape is witnessing an increasing appetite for M&A activities. Firms are leveraging M&A as a key tool to achieve growth, diversify their portfolio, and increase their competitive advantage. Particularly noteworthy is the rise of technology-focused acquisitions, as companies across sectors invest in digital capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

The PwC Global M&A Industry Trends 2023 underscores this point, highlighting the increasing importance of data-driven decision making in M&A transactions. In a rapidly changing business environment, acquiring companies with niche capabilities or strong digital proficiency provides immediate access to the latest technologies and innovation that could otherwise take time, resource, and focus to build.

Challenges of Growing through M&A

Despite the potential for growth and advancement, M&A also poses several challenges. As outlined in the article from Dealroom, some of the biggest challenges include properly valuing the target and not overestimating synergies, adequately completing due diligence, staying ahead of competitive and macro trends, and successfully integrating processes and technologies, but also culturally.

Cultural integration is particularly challenging as businesses may have different corporate cultures, which, if not well managed, can lead to conflicts, loss of key personnel, and decreased productivity. Further, due diligence is critical to ensure the target company’s financials, operations, and legal compliance are as they appear, with any oversight potentially leading to significant losses.

Benefits of M&A Growth

Balancing these challenges provides numerous benefits as M&A can lead to rapid growth, enhanced competitive positioning, increased opportunities for the your people, and heightened revenues.

In terms of rapid growth, M&A can provide immediate access to new markets, technologies, and customer bases. Enhancing competitive positioning often stems from acquiring unique capabilities or assets that differentiate a firm from their competitors. Further, M&A can lead to increased opportunities for teams, often providing a more diversified experience and broadened career paths. Finally, the potential for increased revenues is a significant driver, as effective M&A can augment service offerings and boost market share.

E78 Partners’ M&A Strategy

Here at E78, we’ve successfully navigated these challenges time and time again. Our M&A strategy is designed to create value for all our stakeholders: employees, clients, and shareholders.

We’ve executed this strategy by partnering with firms that drive value across the Office of the CFO, integrating these acquisitions under strategic business units, and optimizing performance through scale and functional centers of excellence to allow our new partners to do what they do best…which is serve clients. This strategy has been successful 12 times, showing a proven track record that we will continue to execute as we build a world-class firm.

Strategies such as these demonstrate that a systematic and thoughtful approach to M&A can drive significant value across all stakeholder groups. As the M&A environment continues to evolve, businesses adopting such an approach will be better placed to thrive and succeed.

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